Grassley warns Trump to change route or risk re-selections

A senior Senate warned President Trump that he is on his way to losing the White House in 2020.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said the GOP agenda is at risk and urged the president to heed a recent recommendation Wall Street Journal editorial.

“Will someone with access to the Oval Office read President Trump’s WSJ author“ Trump Referendum ”? If we don’t follow these recommendations, we won’t have better scotus justice or the best economy in 50 years. ” Grassley tweeted.

The WSJ editorials have made a few high-profile conservative voices in recent days and warned that Trump will go for a period of disgust.

“There is still no second term message beyond his own complaints,” Journal wrote, adding that the November elections have turned to a “historical appeal” that will remove him from the office and bring the Senate GOP majority with him.

Although Trump has built a tough funding and campaign machine, his approval ratings remain stubbornly underwater, reminiscent of a past era like George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. The once promising chance of re-election was dimmed by the COVID-19 outbreak, economic upheavals and racial unrest.

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