Grand Theft Auto San Andreas gets AI-enhanced textures

Carl Johnson captured modernity.

Over the past few months, several games have received AI-enhanced texture packs created by amateurs, whether via ESRGAN or Gigapixel. In this long list of games, let us quote Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy XI, Dungeon Siege, FEAR, Mario Kart 64 or even The Witcher 3. Here’s a new title, and one to at least get the treatment: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

The texture pack shown in the video above is the work of a certain Flyaway888. In the description, it indicates that its pack offers better texture and more detail but also more vivid. He specifies that some of the original textures were too short and could hardly be corrected, but that they corresponded to the original textures with 95% better definition. Anyway, as shown in the video, it is the interest of the process, the artistic direction has not changed. You can download these texture packs from here. The author offers five packs weighing 6 GB each.

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Looking forward to the remake?

For the record, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PlayStation 2 in November 2004, and again on Xbox and PC in June 2015. The player takes on the role of Carl Johnson, aka CJ; The story takes place in San Adrias, a fictional state made up of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, three cities inspired by Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, respectively.

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The final installment of the GTA franchise is none other than GTA V, which was launched in 2013. But according to the most pessimistic forecasts, Grand Theft Auto VI will arrive no earlier than 2025. However, some are skeptical of Rockstar producing a remake of GTA 3, GTA Vice. City and GTA San Andreas.

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