Gran Turismo 7 will have ray tracing on PS5, but not during races

Much awaited by PlayStation 5 owners and racing game enthusiasts, Gran Tursimo 7 won’t come to home consoles until next year Sony. Meanwhile, game director Kazunori Yamauchi gives interviews and reveals interesting information.

in an interview with game watch, Kazunori Yamauchi announces queue NS Ray tracing Gran Turismo 7 only. will be available in certain modes of On PlayStation 5, and not in the race:

At the moment, you can choose to have ray tracing in replay even during the game, then you can see the demo on the stage and the image with the ray tracing implemented in the garage.

technology that embellishes the image with more realistic reflections and lighting, so will not only available during replays and in the garage, an option similar to forza horizon 5 who won’t offer Ray tracing only in fashion forzavista To admire non-racing cars. At least the players have been warned now.

as a reminder, Gran Turismo 7 release date is set for March 4, 2022 On PlayStation 5, but also on PS4, which will not offer Ray tracing. You can find the steering wheel and its pedals Logitech G29 at € 224.25 heroine.

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