Government wants to toughen its asylum system

Social support for migrants of European descent living in the United Kingdom is one of the major themes that feed into the arguments of pro-Brexit. – Chris J. RATCLIFFE

Reform of the asylum system deemed “inhumane” by the British Home Secretary to provide for not giving equal rights to those entering or entering the United Kingdom legally or illegally on Wednesday .

“If more than 60% of the illegal arrivals, (migrants) have crossed a safe country like France, they will not be able to enter the asylum system immediately, as it currently is,” he said. in a statement.

No more automated rights for installation

Strengthening the immigration situation was a task for supporters of the now thriving Brexit, which ended the free movement between Britain and the European Union countries. Migrants who enter the UK illegally and succeed asylum applications will not get a new, temporary, protective status and no longer the right to settle. Their right to family reunification and their access to social benefits will be limited.

Those whose asylum application is investigated and denied will be removed from the UK “immediately”. At the same time, “legal and safe” avenues for asylum in the United Kingdom will be created, the minister assured SkyNews. “Right now our asylum system is overwhelmed. “

“Return to third countries” envisaged

According to data obtained from the ministry, last year 8,500 people crossed the Channel in a small boat and entered Britain, and most sought refuge once on British soil. “These proposals create an unfair two-tier system in which an individual’s case and the support they receive are judged on how they entered the country and not the need for security. This is inhumane, ”British Red Cross Director General Mike Adamson replied. The opposition Labor Party has decided that it will take further measures to reach the UK “to do nothing to prevent people from making the dangerous journey”.

According to the government’s plans, penalties will be increased for migrants attempting to enter the country illegally, and smugglers will face life imprisonment. However, in recent months the press had mentioned that their request was being awaited regarding the possible return of refugees seeking refuge, who had illegally arrived in areas such as Gibraltar. Preeti Patel said that “all options” are being considered, including “reference to third countries”.

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