“Government does not do this”

ROMA – The emergency Coronavirus Continues and schools should not reopen. Asked that Alessio D’Matto, Lazio Regional Councilor for Govt. Appeal on Messenger pages: With this increasing data, I appeal to the government to think carefully about the reopening of high schools on 7 January. They should remain closed throughout Italy. The reopening of high school in a week would be very mindless at this stage of the epidemic. “. And then again: “The problem is with the whole country. Great caution is required, we are in the most fragile phase of the epidemic, three winter months ahead and we will be engaged in a complex vaccination campaign. The problem is not the classroom lessons But whatever goes on in school, everything revolves around the school. Thinking about dropping out of high school makes no sense when we register more than 20 thousand cases a day ”. D’Matto said: “The data we are looking at is the effect of the transitions that happened about ten days ago, with Christmas shopping and movements between regions. It takes more days to understand if there will be an agreement or if it will escalate again ”.

Vaccine status in Lazio

Councilor D’Amato then took stock of the situation Vaccines In Lazio: “It’s therea Areas that have already undergone multiple vaccinations, but have a problem with the number of vaccine doses. If there were more to come, we would have been ready to accelerate. Today we are forced to use them at 66% because in case of supply disturbances and other administration one part should remain as reserve. with honesty It is difficult to understand why the UK regulatory authority authorized the AstraZeneca vaccine, while the European agency EMA said it would take at least a month. ”

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