Gov. Newsom ordered LA bars to close immediately after coronavirus surge

The Government of California, Gavin Newsom, ordered bars in Los Angeles on Sunday to close immediately due to an increase in local coronavirus cases, a little less than a week after they were allowed to close.

Los Angeles was one of seven counties to shut their states down by state medics – which called on all eight counties to sue.

“COVID-19 is still wandering in California and parts of the state, getting stronger,” Newsom said in a statement. According to the LA Times.

“That’s why we are critical to limit the spread of the virus in districts that see the biggest increases.”

In the case of LA, the movement re-opening of the district’s local bars, nail salons and other businesses June 19.

The county reported 2,169 new virus cases on Saturday. A total of 95,385 cases have been reported in LA with 3,285 deaths so far, According to Johns Hopkins researchers.

Fresno, Imperial, Kings, Kern, San Joaquin and Tulare counties were also affected by California’s closing order.

The eight other provinces that local health officials also called on to close their bars by the state were Contra Costa, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Santa Clara, Stanislaus and Ventura.

“We actively monitor COVID-19 across the state and work closely with countries with increasing rates and ways of transmission,” Newsom’s public health director Sonia Angell said in a statement. Said.

“Closing bars in these districts is one of a series of targeted actions across the state to slow down the spread of the virus and reduce risk.”

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