Gorgeous Blade Runner-Esk Delivery thriller Cloudpunk comes to consoles in October োগ Eurogamernet

Gorgeous Blade Runner-Esk Delivery thriller Cloudpunk comes to consoles in October োগ Eurogamernet

Running on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Developer Ion Lands’ great delivery driving neo-nearer thriller Cloudpunk is currently recovering its engine (or it uses future flying cars to get in place) and is preparing to switch to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and October 15th.

Cloudpunk was released on PC earlier this year and immediately drew attention to its stunningly designed open-world playground, a giant rain-cut metropolis bathed on endless nights and burning neon baths that probably won’t see Blade Runner out of place.

Depending on the city, the Nevlis, the hero Rania’s very recent home and players, he will tour Voxel World in his nipi flying HOVA car to finish his job and work for the illegal supplier company Cloudpunk on his first night.

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Soon, Rania – along with her loyal AI colleague dog Camus – found herself embroiled in a mystery with potentially horrific consequences, and found a lot of driving, NPC chatter and a place to walk.

Eurogamer contributor Vicky Blake celebrated Cloudpunk’s “stunning aesthetic, impressive score and interesting foundation” when he reviewed it earlier this year, but concluded that “the story or its mechanical gameplay doesn’t offer me enough to engage and entertain properly”.

For the price of it, I’ve warmed it up even more; Although it is undoubtedly a linear, and mechanically rather shallow, adventure – frustratingly, there is nothing to do in a very beautifully built city outside of the original plot – its vast potential cast and interesting mystery (not to mention the endless pleasures of caring) The view of the city proved to be enough to attract my attention. And the first-person Traversal post-launch on foot has enchanted even more across the city.

Incidentally, Ion Lands recently confirmed that it is now working on a major update for Cloudpunk, adding “multiple hours of gameplay” featuring both old and new characters. Additionally, it will introduce first-person cockpit view (and racing!) Which I I’m here Too Excited about.

Suitable for all of the above, those interested can take their own spin round of Nevlis when the Switch comes on CloudPunk Xbox One, PS4, and October 15th.

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