Google wants to reassure you by highlighting trusted extensions on Chrome

Google has improved its signage for the Chrome Web Store extension. From now on, some extensions will be entitled to a badge attesting to their quality.

Google Chrome

Extensions are part of Internet browsers. These tools allow users to customize their browser experience not only to navigate from one web page to another, but also to obtain information about a particular color, downloading an image in a different format from the original. or to save web pages to a third location. – Party service.

For its Chrome browser, Google has long offered its own store for downloading apps and extensions developed by third parties, the Chrome Web Store. However, this store can look especially messy compared to what the firm offers on the Google Play Store. Very few categories are provided and it can be complicated for users to find their way to know whether the downloaded application is actually developed by the original service or by a third party which has derived the API from it.

To set things straight, Google this Wednesday announced a few new features for its Chrome Web Store, thanks to two new badge systems.

Two badges displayed in the web store

In fact, some applications may be dubbed by Google with a badge. “selection” ,featured in English). This badge will be awarded by Google Teams to Chrome extensions that meet Google’s technical specifications, provide real added value to users and display a detailed download page.

The second badge now appearing on the Chrome Web Store is a simple “V” in a small medallion. This time it is about highlighting extensions that have been developed by a verified developer whose identity is known to Google. This time, the badge is awarded automatically after verification and if the developer already has a positive history with Google services. Logically, it would therefore be easier for extension developers to have it already offered services, but newer extensions would be able to achieve this. “At least a few months”,

Remember that it is not necessary to go through the Chrome Web Store to download the Chrome application. While the Google Store is the most secure, other apps can be downloaded as .crx files from sites like Github or directly from the developer’s site.

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