Google says it “protects your privacy” in Gmail, Drive and Photos

Google really wants you to understand the message that it tried to get about privacy through Google I / O. In many of its applications, including Gmail, Drive and Photos, the US giant posted a new message to all users, claiming that it “protects your privacy”, but is that really so?

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During Google I / O 2021, the company placed considerable emphasis on the confidentiality of its users’ data, as it would be one of the company’s priorities. Actually, for example Google has Explained the merits of your password manager on Google Chrome, Encouraging all Internet users to use it.

After several controversies, such as when Google took a $ 5 billion exposure to track Chrome users in private mode, the company wanted its users to assume at all costs that it was protecting the content stored on their applications is.

Google insists that it protects your data!

By opening Gmail, Drive, or Google Photos, you’ll be greeted with a Google message that will assure you that your data is confidential. Actually, Google on Gmail insists that the content of your email is not only protected, But also that it will never be used for advertising purposes. On Drive and Google Photos, the company will tell you the same about your files, videos and photos.

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Is clicking ” Get more knowledge ยป, You will come across a page in the product safety headlines of Google. According to the company, She will strictly enforce the practices responsible for your privacy, So it will never use your data for advertising purposes. However, it is advertising revenue that represents a large portion of the company’s profits, because For example, these revenues reached $ 134.8 billion in 2019..

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However, Google is not known to respect the privacy of its users. At the beginning of the year, for example, the company refused to ask iPhone users permission to track them. If you think Google is tracking you, you can visit a website launched by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which will tell you if the tech giant is spying on you.

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