Google promises more details, more personalization, more augmented reality

Google used its I / O 2021 conference to present a series of new features for Maps, beginning with augmented reality feature Live View, which is available in more than a hundred countries today. Until now, it was mainly focused on navigation assistance. Google adds an exploration component to it.
It can now be launched directly from a point on the map, by indicating the name of the streets, the distance from the point of interest (eg your hotel) or nearby businesses, so that a new environment can be discovered.

By the end of the year, Google will offer detailed maps for about 50 cities around the world, including Berlin, Sao Paolo, Seattle and Singapore. After encountering a particularly complex intersection, users will be able to see the pedestrian crossings, the middle, the location of the traffic lights, the road sides, and so on. Which will facilitate their movement.

Google will also deploy an indicator of the degree of congestion in an area from next month. It would be possible to know in real time whether there are too many people in a given area, which can be practical especially in very touristy cities. Maps have already made it possible to know the degree of frequency of occupations.

but that’s not all. Google Maps will display even more personal information in the coming weeks, keeping in mind the context of the trip – a tourist trip or a business trip – and the time of day. The map will show, for example, cafes in the morning and restaurants in the evening.

Finally, Google Maps is now able to help you avoid hard breaking. By analyzing the navigation data of its users, the software can detect points of deceleration in real-time and provide you with an alternative, secure route.

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