Google Maps will show coronavirus outbreak information in your area

A new level on Google Maps allows users to see details of COVID-19 outbreaks in a specific area, such as the Florida Heartland (seen here). The seven-day average is presented and the number of infections is trending up or down with a label

Google Maps now shows coronavirus outbreaks using colored coded layers to highlight number cases in your area

  • A new level in Google Maps gives information about cases reported in a region
  • The seven-day average of the new infection will appear with a label indicating that the cases are trending up or down.
  • Country-level data is available worldwide, where state, city and local data is available
  • The COVID-19 layer started rolling out globally on Android and iOS this week.

Google Maps is adding a new layer that gives users updated information on coronavirus outbreaks in selected areas.

The new feature comes in the heels of other coronavirus-related updates on the map, including crowd information, COVID-19 transit warnings and travel restrictions.

Users tap the ‘Level’ button in the right hand corner of the map and click ‘Kavid-19 Info’

An average of seven new infections will occur every 100,000 people, with labels indicating whether the cases are trending up or down.

Color coding on the map indicates the density of new cases: gray does not show in any given area, where yellow indicates 1-10 cases, orange 10-20, dark orange 20-30 cases, red 30-40 cases and dark red 100,000 More than 40 cases per resident.

The COVID layer started rolling globally on Android and iOS this week.

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Country-level trending data is visible for all 220 countries and territories that Google Maps supports, the agency said, with state, county and city-level data where they are available.

Google says the figures come from multiple sources – including the Johns Hopkins, Wikipedia and the New York Times – which are pulling data from treatment centers, state and local governments, and the World Health Organization.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Sujoy Banerjee, Product Manager, Google Maps, said: “

‘We hope that the features of this Google Map will help you get to where you need to be as safe and efficient as possible.’

Google Maps users can tap the 'Layers' button in the right-hand corner of a map and click 'Kavid-19 Info'

The feature is available worldwide at the country level and in cities, states and municipalities.

Users of Google Maps can click on the ‘Layers’ button in the right hand corner of a map and click on ‘Kavid-19 Info’. The feature is available worldwide at the country level and where cities, states and municipalities are available

In June Google Maps began with details of public transit routes affected by the epidemic.

It has added driving warnings to inform motorists about their COVID-19 checkpoints and restrictions on their routes, including when crossing international borders.

Google Maps now includes health benefits near users that support COVID-19 testing, reminding users with a caution to verify eligibility and convenience guidelines to avoid being removed ‘or to create additional stress on the local health system.’

In some regions, users will see which restaurants serve and operate.

This month, Google uses Bluetooth in contact search software with Apple to warn people if they’re close to someone who identifies the Covid-19.

Users can decide whether they want to declare a positive test on a positive test using a unique PIN to keep their positive identity anonymous.

Google Maps tackled another national crisis this summer when it added a fire border boundary map that provides a proximity-timeline outline of what travelers might encounter, including current agency directions and helpful information from local authorities.


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