Google improves text input with new keyboards and multiple languages

Now it has become easier to write messages on clocks connected to VEROS. Google has announced an update to the text entry application Gboard, which includes voice recognition and an appropriate keyboard. The latter now supports multiple languages ​​and improved automatic fixes

Without using your smartphone, it can sometimes be very practical to use your connected clock to send a message to a loved one. For this, WareOS offers Gboard, an integrated keyboard Which supports voice recognition and automatic correction when entering manually. However, writing text on a small screen of a few inches is not always easy, and Google is well aware of it.

The Mountain View firm is releasing an update for Gboard today, which aims to make this aspect of WearOS easier to get started with Improve automatic correction. To recognize the recent changes, a preview of the text appears on the screen before sending the message. Thus the gesture input is intended to be more precise and more economical for the most clumsy among us.

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It’s easy to write a message on WearOS

Another important addition: users can now Change the language in the will Supported by their linked watch. Using the small buttons that appear at the bottom of the keyboard, it is possible to select a language other than the language configured for automatic correction. Google specifies Gboard is compatible with all languages ​​integrated into WearOS. This functionality also applies to speech recognition.

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For all the many ways of writing messages on a connected clock, Google adds more precision and possibilities. Although these changes may seem minor, they are just preface A global overhaul of the operating system, Is expected this year. More information on the subject is expected to be revealed at this month’s Google I / O event.

Source: Google

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