Google announces the arrival of Augmented Reality in its search engine with its new marketing tool.

PARIS, May 25 (Benin News/EP) –

Google Search engines have redesigned Shopping ads where, in addition to having an identification tag, advertisers will be able to share their products as three-dimensional models in augmented reality, a novelty that pairs well with access to YouTube. Goes ad campaign in shorts.

This Tuesday, the technology company celebrated google live marketing 2022Annual event where it showcases new features advertisers can take advantage of Google Ads.

In a statement published on its blog, Google indicates that, every day, more than 1,000 million purchase processes take place on the platform, including its Search engine and to youtubeamong others.

News for Google Search Engine

Google Search will start showing modified Google Shopping ads in the US later this year. The company promises that they will be more “visible” and labeled as ads, and that they will appear in certain places on the page.

Another new feature that will soon be available on the search engine is 3D modeling of products, which thanks to augmented reality (AR) buyers will be able to see in real places.

According to Google, Currently more than 90% of Americans use or would consider doing this technology for shopping.

The tech company also announced that in the coming months, marketers will be able to promote their loyalty programs to potential customers in the United States through integration with Google Ads.

In this section, the company also recalled the existence of its maximum performance campaigns, which, along with these new functions, can increase the metrics of a company in the United States. YouTube, Display Network, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

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short film campaign on youtube

YouTube was one of the protagonists of the event. Specifically, its platform for short videos in vertical format, youtube shorts, Which has currently been viewed more than 30 billion times, which is four times more than a year ago.

Now Video Action campaigns and App campaigns will automatically upload to YouTube Shorts. The company announced that by the end of the year, it would be easier to buy video ads on Shorts.

top performing campaigns

Top-performing campaigns give advertisers access to all Google Ads inventory, in addition to keyword research campaigns.

Google reiterates its commitment to this option by announcing six new features and tools that let you see how your campaign is driving incremental conversions and expand support for campaign management In Search Ads 360 and the Google Ads mobile app.

These new features will also help in achieving in-store sales goals and maximizing product impact. Campaign emergingrelated to seasonal events.

The technology company will introduce new statistics and explanations to this tool, as well as optimization scores and recommendations to improve the campaign.

In addition, the Statistics page will, in the coming months, integrate three new reports that will allow you to view the following: attribution statistics, Budget and audience statistics so users can see from their own data how different consumer segments are Driving your campaign performance.

my ad center

Google concludes its presentation by announcing the launch, later this year My Ad Center Where users can manage their privacy settings and online experience The ads they want to see.

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Through this hub, you’ll be able to choose what types of ads you want to see more or less frequently, and control how the data informs advertisers on YouTube, Search, and Discover.

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