Google also wants to reduce data collection on Android

Apple’s new app tracking transparency policy has not really boosted Facebook’s enthusiasm, which is also considering filing complaints against the manufacturer and Google. The search engine will be more or less nicely hooked up thanks to the new SKAdNetwork that will prevent its applications from displaying an ad tracking dialog box. In return, Google will collect less data.

But Google does not intend to give Apple much basis in terms of ad tracking. The company is looking for alternatives, understands this Bloomberg : This would mean limiting data collection and inter-app monitoring on Android, but in a less rigorous way than Apple. It’s about finding the right balance between respecting data privacy and the financial needs of developers and advertisers – because ultimately, Google abstains from online advertising.

« We are always looking for ways to work with developers to improve privacy while promoting a healthy, ad-supported app ecosystem. », States a Google spokesperson. This solution will not require a worrying window “a la Apple”, but reflection is still in its infancy. This may be inspired by an initiative launched in early 2020 to remove third-party advertising cookies, a long-term project that will last two years.

Google’s new system, called the Privacy Sandbox, enables ad targeting while “consuming” less data.

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