Google admits that Pixel 6’s Wi-Fi turns off occasionally

A very rare failure has been detected with the Pixel 6. Sometimes the Wi-Fi may be turned off and the phone may no longer connect to the network automatically. Luckily, a patch is on the way.

The malfunction was reported on Reddit more than two weeks ago, on February 8, 2022. After the update to the Pixel 6 smartphone, an internet user regretfully found that Wi-Fi access had become unstable. , Wi-Fi keeps dropping “, he wrote within the community of users of the latest terminal in the Pixel range.

Pixel 6 having problems with Wi-Fi? a patch is coming

Fifteen days later, comes the end of the tunnel for this misfortune. Google announced on February 22, in a thread directly on Reddit, that there was a problem with the truly wireless connection protocol, which currently affects an unspecified number of devices – the company nonetheless assures that ‘it’s too small’ , but clearly enough to provoke a reaction.

The origin of the bug, which manifests itself when the Pixel 6 is disabled, has been identified by the Mountain View company and a fix has been developed. It will be rolled out to the entire fleet with the March 2022 update, which will arrive in a few days. Till then, have some patience, if you yourself are troubled by this worry.

Google admits that Pixel 6's Wi-Fi turns off occasionally
The bug was noticed when the phone goes to sleep; After that it loses the Wi-Fi connection. // Source: Louise Audrey for Numerama

However, the good news is that this malfunction of Wi-Fi is not blocking to the point that it is not able to be used: the main obstacle is choosing a network every time to re-activate Wi-Fi on the smartphone. Is. Which you want to connect due to lack of automatic connection. It is not very user friendly, but concern can be raised.

In any case the bug reported on Reddit somewhat ironically misses another connectivity issue that hit a few terminals in range. In December, a scenario was discovered in which the Pixel 6s could no longer connect to the network properly. At the time, it was not Wi-Fi that was in question, but rather the telephone connection.

Google’s flagship, cut for the high end, the Pixel 6 is a smartphone that created a sensation just like its bigger brother, the Pixel 6 Pro. This new generation is an aesthetic and technological breakthrough that has little to envy the competition. Despite everything, it still suffers from some minor software flaws, which are slowly being fixed.

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