Good to know: One dose of AstraZeneca vaccine reduces the transmission of virus indoors by up to 50%

According to a study by the Agency for Public Health England (PHE), the Pfizer / BioNotech or Austragenica / Oxford vaccine reduces the transmission of coronovirus within the same household by 50%.

This research found that up to three weeks after receiving their first vaccine, infected people were between 38 and 49% less likely to have the virus in their household contacts than those who had not been vaccinated.

The study was conducted among 57,000 contacts in 24,000 families, in which one vaccinated person tested positive and did not compare them to nearly a million people.

“Families are considered to have settings with high risk of transmission and similar results can be expected in other settings with similar transmission risks, such as shared housing and prisons,” underscores PHE.

“Not only do vaccines reduce the severity of the disease and prevent hundreds of deaths every day, but we are now seeing that they also have an additional effect on reducing the risk of transferring Kovid-19 to others, “Said Mary Rowe. Immunization Manager at PHE.

For his part, the British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, welcomed the “great news”. “We already know that vaccines save lives and this extensive study conducted under real conditions shows that they reduce the transmission of this deadly virus”. he said.

Previous research has already shown that vaccination against Kovid-19 reduces the risk of reducing symptomatic infection by 65% ​​four weeks after receiving a first dose.

Other PHE studies also proved that successful deployment of the vaccine in the UK prevented 10,400 deaths in more than 60 people by the end of March.

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