“Good start-up race”: Yazid’s quadruple watches effortlessly reach the finals of the European Championship

A tailor-made debut for the German double skull with DRC rover Carlotta Niazide at the European Championships in Varese, Italy: the team with the 25-year-old Hanoverian, batsman Franziska Kampmann (Waltrop), Freida Hemmerling (Kiel) and bow woman. Daniela Shultes (Potsdam) started with confidence at Friday’s lunchtime. With strong moves in the opening bounce, the quartet immediately placed themselves in front of the competition.


“I found our beginning easy. Still, we were right in front, ”said Namaji, surprised after the sovereign race. Finally, the double skull with the DRC woman was four seconds ahead of the closest followers from Poland. In this way Namazide’s boat entered the final of the European Championship on Sunday afternoon.

“A good race to start,” said Yazide’s exercise instructor Thorsten Zimmer, but warned: “Great Britain’s rovers were also very strong.” Surprisingly strong British women also clearly won second runs. Due to the epidemic, Great Britain’s rowing women did not compete internationally for a year. When he made his comeback, he immediately eliminated the defending winner from the Netherlands.

Belt to be on quad rebound

The four-wheeler, along with batsman Janca Kirstein, was to let go in the half before the competition. The 23-year-old HRC rover and his team are now counting on their second chance in the race expected on Saturday to reach the A-final.

This final partnership on Sunday is already certain for eighths with batsmen Mary-Catherine Arnold (HRC) and Frauke Hundling (DRC), as only six nations have registered teams in the boat class. In the so-called track delivery race on Friday, however, the eighth did not refuse. Arnold and company were in the final line and now have to expect the cards to be reshuffled in the final.

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“Our preparations for the season were not designed to deliver the absolute top performance at the European Championships,” Arnold had already lowered expectations. Regatta will have an eighth attack in the direction of Tokyo after qualifying for the Olympic Games only in May.

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