Golfer Huizing finished at Scottish Open: ‘Don’t know how it went wrong’

Soest – Golfer Dan Huizing from Solst did not make the cut at the Scottish Open. After a bad day on Thursday, Soster could not impress on Friday either.

You have to go on the attack on Friday “

Dan Huying

On Thursday, Huising struck four above par. On Friday he did not get three strokes above the track average. With the score above seven, the tournament for Huizing was already over after two out of four days. “I have no idea how this is possible. Thursday was just bad, on Friday it went wrong on two occasions”, Huening said in Naman and Ragnumer.

“I need a good day tomorrow to make it for the weekend, but it didn’t work”, de Soester says. “You’ll have to attack on Friday, if you miss the cut with 1 or 5, it doesn’t matter.”

‘Orange’ Travel from Scotland

“I come from a bubble”, says Huizing. “When we arrive and when we leave, we are tested. We have nothing to do with life in Britain.

In the European Tour, in which Huizing finished 190th, matches are still scheduled in Cyprus. After that, de Soster hopes to play three more tournaments in South Africa.

Daan Huizing spoke to Scotland about their Scottish Open

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