‘God help us’: Fired Defense Secretary Mark Asper Concerned About ‘Yes Men’ Under Trump

Exclusive interview with Military Times Mr Asper’s exception came after critics called him a “yes man”, the derogatory nickname “Yesper” used by the president.

“Name another cabinet secretary who has left him behind … Have you seen me on a stage where we have blah-blah-blah-blah under the exceptional leadership of Balla-blah-blah?” Mr. Asper Md.

“At the end of the day, as I said – you were able to choose your own fight. I could have a fight over anything, and I could fight it big, and why could I live this life? Who’s going to come after me? It’s really ‘yes.’ People are going to be. And then God help us. ”

The interview took place on November 4, just before Mr Asper’s replacement.

Mr. Trump announced the dismissal of Mr. Asper, announcing an immediate replacement, said Christopher C. Miller, director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

“Chris will do a great job! Mark Asper is finished. I want to thank him for his service,” Mr. Trump said.

After weeks of speculation, Mr. Asper was among several high-ranking officials, regardless of whether Mr. Trump won or lost the election, including FBI Director Christopher Y and CIA Director Gina Haspel.

Mr Asper had already prepared a resignation in anticipation of his resignation, despite Mr Trump’s long-running dispute over the use of military force to quell protests in the summer, NBC News reported.

After the rift between the two had been discussed privately for some time, in June Mr. Asper refused to support the president’s suggestion that it be publicly stated that they could apply for the deployment of active duty troops in response to the 1807 Rebellion Act. Country.

“I think this should be used not only as a defense secretary, but also as a veteran and a former member of the National Guard. The option of using active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a last resort. Mr. Asper said then.

In response, White House Press Secretary Calehi McKenney said only the president had the power to determine whether the rebellion law would be introduced.

“Right now, Secretary Esper is still Secretary Esper, and if the president loses faith, we will all learn about him in the future,” Mrs. McKinney said at the time.

Mr. Asper became Secretary of Defense in July 2012 after Acting Secretary Pat Shanahan stepped down. Mr Trump’s first defense secretary, Jim Mattis, resigned in 2018 over the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

At a news conference in August, Mr. Trump referred to him as Mark “Yesper” as an indication of a possible end.

“Mark Yepper? Did you call him Easter?” Trump Dr. “I consider shooting everyone. That’s what happened at one point.”

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