Global Report: Trump and Covid Transmission No Risk, Doctor Says; M meter case pass in India | World news

White House physicians say Donald Trump is no longer at risk of contracting the coronavirus, but did not say whether the U.S. president tested negative for it.

In a memo released by the White House, Dr. Shawn Conley said Trump met with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s criteria for safe isolation and was no longer considered an infection risk by “currently recognized standards.”

The memo did not say whether Trump tested negative, but a test on Saturday found that the president was no longer “at risk of infecting others,” and that there was no further evidence of “actively replicating the virus.”

Sensitive lab tests – like PCR tests – detect the virus in swab samples taken from the nose and throat. Dr William Morris, supervisor of Mayo Clinic laboratories, said earlier this week that using PCR tests, the president’s medical team could measure and detect the amount of virus in the sample over time with estimates and reduce viral burden.

In India, the second-largest-affected country in the United States, the health ministry said the number of cases had risen sharply and that the number of infections had risen to more than 7 million.

Some medical experts doubted that Trump could declare himself free from the risk of contracting the virus so soon after his illness. Just 10 days after the initial detection of the infection, there was still no way to know for sure if anyone was infected, they said.

The memo follows Trump’s first public appearance since returning to the White House after treatment at the hospital. Hundreds of people gathered on the South Lawn on Saturday afternoon for Trump’s speech in support of law enforcement from the White House porch on Saturday afternoon.

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Trump removed his masked moments to speak in public for more than three weeks before election day, his first step on the public stage.

He was revived once more, just days after acknowledging that his own government’s safety recommendations were on the verge of a “bad thing” from the virus and claimed that his fight with the disease made him better understood.

His return was brief. The bandage on his hand is visible, probably from a pregnant injection, Trump has spoken for 18 minutes, much less than his usual hour-long assembly. When he became somewhat cloudy he recovered, as far as all the motives and purposes he had distributed, a short version of his preaching.

“I feel great,” Trump said, adding that he was grateful for their greetings and prayers when he recovered. He then announced that the epidemic, which had killed more than 210,000 Americans, had “disappeared” although he was still recovering from the virus.

Ireland The new number of Covid-19 on Saturday was 11,012, the highest number in a single day since the start of the epidemic and almost double that of last week.

The increase comes a week after fears that the rate of infection in Europe could be highest in neighboring Northern Ireland, putting pressure on the government to impose additional restrictions.

The government has banned eating indoor restaurants and limited the number of visitors to people’s homes, but has rejected a proposal by public health officials to impose a much tougher lockdown.

On Sunday morning, India’s health ministry registered a further 74,383 infections in the previous 24 hours, a total of the country’s past. Taken in millions. The United States alone has more cases of Than.7 million infections than India, and the death toll is now the third highest in the world in the United States and Brazil.

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According to official figures, 100 million people died and more than 360,000 died in Latin America and the Caribbean on Saturday, with the region the worst affected.

In Australian In the state of Victoria, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has confirmed that he will hand over his phone records to the Hotel Quarantine Program, which has removed the state’s second coronavirus wave.

March 2 covering can help determine who made this important decision to use a personal security guard to monitor returning travelers that day. “We all want answers,” Andrews said. “We each have a right to answer.”

Twelve new cases and one death were reported in Victoria on Sunday, as Andrews confirmed that some of the bans on Melbourne’s 4th stage will be eased on 19 October.

Inside France, Health authorities reported a record 227,000 new infections in a single day on Saturday, although the number of intensive care units was much lower than the peaks seen in the spring.

Springing may require the French government to impose local lockdowns on major cities, the epicenter of the disease, a system already in place in Spain where the government has prevented people from leaving the Madrid region.

Other improvements:

  • Mainland China On Sunday, 21 new confirmed reports of the coronavirus novel were released, up from 15 a day earlier, the country’s national health authority said.

  • The curfew was imposed on 11 bars and restaurants in Berlin, followed by the capital at the foot of the financial center Frankfurt where a curfew had already been imposed. Germany As many as 3,483 new cases were reported on Saturday.

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