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The French are not the only people who have inflated their woolen stockings in these times of health and social restrictions. Seen in France – where the increase in taxpayer savings reached some € 215 billion last year – the incident has worried all major world economies, and the United States in particular.

Their consumption controls their standard of living based on prevention measures and national incentive schemes, with families in developed countries accumulating an unprecedented level of global savings.

According to Bloomberg estimates, the surplus of households in large economies reaches a whopping $ 2,900 billion, of which nearly half comes from the United States, the rest from China ($ 430 billion), Japan ($ 300 billion). United Kingdom ($ 160bn, Germany (€ 142bn) and France) (€ 125bn).

In the midst of the battle for economic recovery, the dormant cash rush that continues again this year is prompting domestic political allies. Depends on the country, with very different issues.

Consumption and recovery

In the United States, analysts expect more savings to ensure a rapid recovery in consumption, the lungs of the American economy, thinking about the part that households will reserve in the end to meet their debt. Or in the security repository. Countries where health services are particularly expensive. However, according to Doxa, the more Americans spend, the more dynamic the return of growth will be.

In France, the government is thinking of a means of redirecting additional savings towards a productive system in a rather indirect way. Concentrated in the hands of well-off houses and the elderly, this surplus should also be redistributed better.

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On the edge of a press point last week, the Minister of Economy indicated that he would like to introduce in the coming months ” A mechanism to ensure that French savings go well for economic activity and revival of French companies “. This particular can pass. ” An incentive system […] Transfer or donation between generations »

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