Global Microsoft Outage Office 365, Outlook and Parties Downloaded | Microsoft

Microsoft says it is looking for a breakdown in global meeting software, including Teams, which brings down Microsoft’s cloud-based office services.

Microsoft reports problems approving its cloud services at UTC around 9.25pm, meaning people are having trouble logging in to online services teams, Outlook and Office.

The disruption affected services worldwide.

Microsoft says existing people who logged in to existing 355 sessions are still able to use the service.

“We have determined that a certain portion of our infrastructure is not processing authentication requests in a timely manner. We are taking steps to alleviate this problem, “the agency said in a status update.

“In parallel, we are repeating the traffic on the alternative system to provide more relief to the affected users.”

On Twitter, The agency is to blame A recent update to the service and the update will be returned to fix the problem to cause disruption.

At 3 a.m. UTC, Microsoft said services were restored in most cases, but small subsets of customers in North America and Asia Pacific are still unable to access the services.

Even in the midst of an epidemic, services like teams are vital for people to continue working from home. In April, Microsoft reported 75 million active users daily in teams as more people worked from home.

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