Giorda on stage, hypnosis feels good

For the first time in France, the actress is performing alone on stage for a hypnosis show. In three years, she has carved a niche for herself in a male environment, not always generous to her. No matter what, the actress thinks her art contributes to the advancement of medicine.

By January 9, Giorda is hypnotized on stage at the Apollo Comedy in Paris. // photo / Pascal Ito

Hypnosis: sleep-like state caused by suggestion maneuvers. This is how Le Robert describes the discipline from which actress Giorda has made her art. For several weeks, and until January 9 at the Apollo Comedy in Paris, the hypnotist has been on stage with him to take the audience to the limits of their unconscious. It’s a matter of joy and pride for the man who currently claims to be the only woman in France to show hypnosis alone on stage. Natura Sciences visited him.

In 2018, you were playing in the theatre, in a comedy. It is during this period that you discover hypnosis. how did this happen ?

I discovered Leo Brierre’s show of mindset (his show co-writer, editor’s note). I saw him three or four times. I found it attractive. During this period, I also discovered Mesmer, the number one in hypnosis. I am completely stunned by his work.

At that point, you are not yet practicing hypnosis. How do you learn it?

I ask Leo 36 billion questions. I tell her that hypnosis amazes and dazzles me, and it really interests me. There, he tells me that he agrees to teach me the basics of hypnosis. He tells me that if I keep going, I can be the first woman to be shown hypnosis alone on stage. In France, it does not exist.

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How do you explain that ?

The world of magic or mentality is very ancestral. It is true that the traditional image of a magician is a man with a beautiful helper. Only the illusionist Sophie Edelstein took the opposite approach by surrounding herself with beautiful assistants. It’s a very masculine atmosphere. Perhaps it is so entrenched in the mindset that the magic belongs to men, women do not even have the idea or desire to integrate this universe.

Is there any benefit to being a woman to show hypnosis?

As a woman, I can afford to be close to my audience. I like to touch people. If a man does, it can be embarrassing or eyebrows. I can even allow myself to be more collusive with people. I make them some short jokes.

How do you differentiate yourself from your coworkers?

I wanted to develop my own hypnosis. I want to wake people up, make them feel deeply happy. In 2018, after a show in Toulouse, a sixteen-year-old girl burst into tears after seeing me. Hypnosis had plunged her into such a state of happiness that she was overwhelmed. He was not used to it. Whenever I think of him, tears come to my eyes.

“I think therapeutic hypnosis might not be so developed today if it weren’t for the show hypnosis.”


Are your coworkers kind to you?

is 50-50. On the forum, I try to answer this question: “Can we do everything under hypnosis or not?” ,, Some of my colleagues think this can break the secret, and they don’t appreciate it. Waiting for me in the other corner. They say to themselves: “She says she’s the first?” Ah, she’s going to show us what she does more than us”,

Have you had any experience with this discipline in your personal journey, before becoming a professional in showing hypnosis?

Ever since I was little, I have been very sporty. I also studied sports in track and field where I practiced shot put, high jump and middle distance. Since this period I have been immersed in visualization, self-hypnosis and sophrology. It helped me gain confidence, improve my performance, and optimize my recovery. I also practiced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). In this discipline, we pay attention to the way we say things.

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Why is word selection so important?

For example, we don’t say ” Do not worry “ majority of ” Do not worry “, The brain cannot tell the difference between negative and positive. So if we give him the first order, he only gets the thought of worry. This is similar to the Eriksonian technique. It is a way of saying things, a way of using words. Similarly, say “May you be successful”, the interlocutor implies that he has to face adversity.

In your opinion, are spectacle hypnosis and hypnotherapy complementary or coveted?

Sometimes spectacle hypnosis and hypnotherapy are quite opposite. Decisions of hypnotherapy show hypnosis because it will fool people. She will also make them believe that it is possible to quit smoking with the snap of a finger. Thus, hypnotherapists fear that the spectacle will harm the benefits of their work. That’s why people need to realize that it takes more than a flick of your fingers to quit smoking at a party or feel good about yourself.

Does spectacle hypnosis lack seriousness in the face of hypnotherapy?

I believe that medical hypnosis would not have developed so much today if there was no spectacle hypnosis. It was Messmer and Dominic Webb who rediscovered hypnosis in the media in contemporary times. In view of this, the medical community is more interested in this. Today, emergency physicians, midwives, and dentists are trained in hypnosis.

More and more surgeries are being done under hypnosis. This is best avoided with general anesthesia, always with a mild sedation. This is a revolution because it could allow the elderly or those with heart disease to undergo surgery. In addition, hypnosis allows for a faster recovery due to the lower doses of anesthetics injected into the body.

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Reservations: Giorda hypnotizes you in the Apollo comedy until January 9, 2022

Interview by Chayma Deb

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