Gigabyte Victims of Ransomware, Intel and AMD Could Be Victims

Computer maker Gigabyte was the victim of a cyberattack that poses a huge risk to its partners, including Intel and AMD. Hackers will indeed be in possession of confidential documents…

Gigabyte confirmed on Friday that it was the victim of a cyberattack that forced the manufacturer to shut down several of its Taiwan-based servers. An emergency operation that affected the company’s support site: Users can no longer access information and documents normally provided by the site.

collateral victims

This situation in itself is not very pleasant, but what is worse is that it affects Gigabyte’s partners as well. The hackers are said to have 112 GB of files, some of which contain confidential information about the company’s partners, including Intel and AMD.

Gigabyte didn’t want to say whether it was a . Is ransomware, but it appears that the group behind the attack is RansomEXX (formerly Defray). Among the victims of this pirate gang, we find government agencies, but companies and gigabytes are probably the most important.

To put pressure on Gigabyte, RansomEXX has already published some documents on the activities of the manufacturer as well as its partners, who have not asked for anything, but who are caught in this storm. To avoid a major leak, the victim is strongly encouraged to pay the ransom… Officials do not encourage companies affected by these attacks to give to hackers, but to release gigabytes of requested funds. Won’t be the first person to do so. Keep it secret.

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