Giant sea scorpion fossil discovered in China

Scientists in China have discovered the fossil of a giant sea scorpion. According to the information received about this animal, it must have been more than 400 million years old. It actually belongs to the group of arthropods of the Paleozoic era. It disappeared two centuries ago. We remember that this fossil was discovered about 435 million years ago in geological layers in the south of this Asian country.


Its size was large, according to a description of the animal created by a team from the Institute of Paleontology and Geology in Nanjing, China, in the journal Science Bulletin. Some of its parts are said to be human-sized. Well this giant scorpion has another name “Gigantostress”.

ancestors of scorpions and arachnids

Scientists have also tried to justify the size of these animals. According to him, several factors can justify the large size of these animals at this time. Among other things, they point to a sudden increase in oxygen levels in the atmosphere and ocean, abundant food, and above all, a total absence of predators. Scientists concluded that this animal is the ancestor of modern scorpions and all arachnids.

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