Giant planets will be easier than previously thought

By observing our solar system, astronomers understood how planets are formed. Therefore, he thought, the giant planets should rest on a relatively large-scale solid core. Did they thinkā€¦ because observations made on an exoplanet called Wasp-107b now call this conclusion a question.

In 2019, researchers announced that they had discovered Water vapor in an exoplanet atmosphere. Today, one of these researchers, Caroline Piulet, Astronomer at the University of Montreal (Canada), reveals surprising work related to another topic Exoplanet : Wasp-10p b. La The mass Their hearts would be much weaker than the community thought.

Remember that Wasp-107b is an atypical planet. In 2017, it was discovered around 212 Light years Of our earth, in Constellation girl. He is almost as tall Jupiter, But its mass is very less. What is wasp-10 107b Astronomers Make a call Planet “Daddy’s Beard”. and his Orbit Is also close to him Star, Is sixteen times more than our Earth Soleil. It nowadays visits only at 5.7. So much that he has trouble catching Atmosphere.

Thanks for the data receivedKeek Observatory (Hawaii), researchers at the University of Montreal were able to measure accurately protest Wasp-10b B oscillation of its host star due to its gravitational pull. Thus he established his mass on the tenth part of Jupiter.

Is not an incredibly very large core

Astronomers then conducted an analysis to determine the internal structure of the planet. Their conclusion: mass of solid core Wasp-10 Was B should not be more than four times that of our Earth. Thus, more than 85% of the planet’s mass will be located in a thick layer. Gas Around this nucleus. this is amazing. Because you should know that Neptune, For example – whose mass comes close to Wasp-107b – does not present more than 15% of its mass in this gas layer.

Until now, researchers believed that the formation of a relatively large-scale nucleus was necessary Gas giants. A state without which the planet could not sustain so many layers of gas. But this discovery about Wasp-107b suggests that Giant planet Form more easily than thought astronomers. It can be formed especially at some distance from its star – where the gas is cold to facilitate gas.Rise together – Before migrating to its current position.

Other questions still remain unanswered about Wasp-107b. The atmosphere of this type of planet, for example, must be rich in methane. However, the observations Hubble, Done in 2018, show the opposite. Researchers now plan to reevaluate these results in light of their new findings about the mass distribution of exoplanet. And perhaps find out if the mechanism can explain such destruction of methane.

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