Ghanouchi, H24info. Ennahdha’s 113 members resign in disagreement with

Ennahdha’s hundred members on Saturday announced their resignation from the Islamist-inspired party, condemning the “bad choices” of its president, Rached Ghanouchi, which, according to them, has rocked Tunisia for two months.

The 113 members of the Ennahda Ghanauchidha resigned, in a press release, “the failure of the president (Ghannouchi, editor’s note) who refused all advice”.

“The current leadership is responsible for the isolation (of the movement) and in large part for the worsening of normalcy in the country,” he said.

Those who have resigned include deputy, party officials, former ministers, members of the Shoura Council (the political office of the Ennahda) and local elected officials.

Unsurprisingly, President Kais Saied, elected in late 2019, assumed full powers on 25 July, sacking the prime minister, suspending the activities of parliament, where Ennahdha has the largest number of representatives, and ‘ also confer judicial power.

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He formalized his coup on Wednesday with a series of presidential orders, deciding on “extraordinary measures” to regulate executive and legislative powers. These texts presidentialise the political system, which was previously based on a parliamentary hybrid regime.

Sayeed, of whom Ennahadha is the biggest name, confirmed the indefinite suspension of parliament, which he would replace by decree, by law, and would now also be the chairman of the Council of Ministers.

Ennahdha’s speaker and head of parliament, 80-year-old Rachad Ghanouchi, denounced the “absolute power of one person” in an interview with AFP on Thursday.

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During the interview, he acknowledged that his party was partly responsible for the crisis that inspired Syed’s coup.

In their statement, 113 members criticized “the movement’s leadership’s bad political choices”, particularly in recent years coalition agreements with other parties in parliament to gain a majority.

According to him, due to these “unfair political alliances”, laws were passed which “harmed the credibility of Ennadha”.

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