Ghannouchi wants a Maghreb without Morocco and Mauritania

The leader of the Ennahda Party and the President of the Tunisian Parliament publicly demonstrate their proximity to Algeria. During an interview with Radio Dewan FM, new evidence provided on Tuesday appeals to the three-way Maghreb, composed only of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

“This nucleus should be the starting point for resuming the dream of the Arab Maghreb Confederacy, which will help solve Tunisia’s problems in a regional framework,” he emphasized. Ghanouchi wants this “nucleus” to carry forward major projects, such as “opening borders between three countries and integration of currency because the future of these Maghreb countries is common”. The president of Ennahda also qualified his relations with Algerian President Abdelmadid Teboune as “excellent”.

The proximity between the neighbor to the east and the head of Ennahda was sealed during visits to Algiers in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017, where he was welcomed with respect due to the head of state and by former President Abdelaziz Befiklika Was obtained A coalition that still remains in the Al Maudria Palace, despite the change of tenant.

After the exit of the former President of Tunisia, Monsez Marzoki, accusing Algeria of ending the jasmine revolution, Ennahda’s management welcomed in a press release “Algeria’s positions in support of Tunisia, especially emerging in the country Democratic experience and efforts to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, especially in the economic sphere, to fight against terrorism and to counter the Kovid-19 epidemic ”.

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