Ghana-UK: dispute between police chief and British ambassador accused of internal interference

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George Dampare and Harriet Thompson (ph)

The exchanges described as “quarrel” between the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ghana, Dr. George Akufo Dampareand head of diplomatic mission UK To Ghanahigh commissioner Mrs. Harriet Thompson Have a taste for slander and don’t look good.

The case, marked by a call to order and response, follows the publication of a tweet on May 17 by a British diplomat on the recent arrest of Ghanaian official Oliver Barker-Vormawer from a #FixTheCountry pressure group.

While the IGP met the British High Commissioner Ghana Avoid interfering in the internal affairs of GhanaThe accused calmed down the situation and explained that his statement was not intended to provoke Ghanaians as evidenced by the police response.

origin of the system

After being initially dismissed, Ms Thompson tweeted that “ Oliver Barker-Wormvoor, an organizer of the #FixTheCountry movement, arrested again, I understand for a traffic violation while going to court. I’ll be interested to see where he goes…” Disputing this response, the IGP informed the ambassador that the word “re-arrested” meant, “In our view, that you refer to past occasions. when Mr. Barker-Vormawer was arrested for endangering the security of the state”. Barker-Vormawer was arrested on 17 May in East Legon for reckless driving.

call the diplomat to order

Calling the diplomat to order, Ghana’s police chief said the tweet in question about the arrest of Oliver Barker-Vormawor equated to a Interference,

In a statement made public, the IGP said the high commissioner should focus on the problems being faced in his country and not Ghana, Seeking to correct the diplomat’s course, Dampre stressed that “for now, we recommend a Ghanaian proverb that can guide you in your diplomatic missions.” It means learning to live within the limits of what you worry about.

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Dampare said in his statement that the diplomat’s action violates the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which prohibits diplomatic missions from interfering in the internal affairs of their host country.

British diplomat’s reaction

Responding to the police chief’s order, the British High Commissioner told GHOne TV on May 31, 2022 that his tweets have been misinterpreted and he has no intention of interfering with the work of law enforcement. Ghana,

And to explain himself, he clarified that “this was not the intention, and in my experience, Ghana A peace loving nation where people have the right to speak up, they have the right to come out and protest the things that matter to them. I don’t think a tweet like this will get Ghanaians out on the streets. It seems that my tweet was not received as expected. I did not expect a response from the IGP at all.

For everything, the British diplomat said she would prefer to resolve any misunderstandings privately with the police rather than discuss them publicly.

Ghana’s diplomacy calls for peace

In the latest news, KOACI learns that Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has announced that it has started diplomatic talks between the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akufo-Dampare and the British High Commissioner. Ghana, Mrs. Harriet Thompson,

Ghana’s diplomacy made public in a statement that they were aware of the controversy and took steps to intervene. The ministry says it assures “attachment to the solid historical ties between” Ghana And this UKWhich has deepened through, among other things, the exchange of high-level visits from both sides as well as increased cooperation on trade, investment and security.

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