Ghana lottery in Nigeria- How to play?

Ghana Lottery has gained popularity in Nigeria at a rapid rate. If you play lotto you probably know Ghana lottery. It had attracted some controversy as well. But now you can play it legally in Nigeria. When Ghana Lottery was created back in the mid-20th century, it was only concentrated on Ghanaians. The goals were to offer employment and source of income. However, with time everything changed. As the internet came to the world the Ghana lottery also went online. So now you can play a lottery created in 1958 in Ghana just sitting at your home in Nigeria. That is the beauty of online lotto. But you have to be careful. So, let us see what are the requirements and steps for playing Ghana lottery in Nigeria.

Points To Remember

  1. Age Of The Player

If you are under 18 years of age, then you are legally not permitted to play Ghana lottery. Move ahead only if you are 18 and above. If you are playing in a group, then take care of the fact that no one is below 18.

  1. Registration

For playing Ghana lottery in Nigeria, you have to be registered with the Western Lotto. This is the only way to legally enjoy the game.

  1. The Platform

Earlier 20 companies were offering Ghana lotto in Nigeria but now the things have changed. Only Western Lotto is allowed to regulate the games in Nigeria. So, do not use any other platform for playing Ghana Lotto.

Let us Play Ghana Lottery 

Step-1 Select the Game

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Once you have registered with the Western Lotto Nigeria you can go ahead and select the game you want to play. Ghana lottery is fun because it has a new game every day. Just like you wear different attires every day in a week, you can play different Ghana lottery games each day. The names of the games reflect the fun involved in playing them.

  1. Monday Special
  2. Lucky Tuesday
  3. Midweek
  4. Fortune Thursday
  5. Friday Bonanza
  6. National Weekly

Though the games are different the basic rules are pretty much the same. So, further steps will not be affected by the choice of game. You can select any game based on the day you want to play.

Step-2 Select the Bet Type

Now you have selected a bet type. Different bet types have different multipliers. The winning amount is affected by every selection. If you select Direct 1 then the multiplier is 40 but if you select perm 5 the multiplier is 44000. So, choose wisely from the available options.

  1. Direct 1-5

Direct refers to the matching of numbers altogether. For example, in Direct 1 for each matched number your multiplier for the winning amount will be 40. If you select Direct 5 then for every 5 number matched the multiplier will be 44000.

  1. Perm 2- 5.

On the other hand, a perm is where the numbers are matched only in one line.

  1. Banker Against All

In this case, the multiplier is 240.

Step-3 Select the Numbers

Now it is your turn to select the numbers that might determine your future. These numbers could help you win a huge amount of money. So, select them strategically or you could just use select randomly and hope for the best. You have to choose 5 numbers from the range of 1-90. You can go for multiple lines as well.

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Step-4 Choose Your Stakes Line Costs

Determining the stakes is the most exciting and the most difficult part. The higher price line cost you select; the greater will be the winning amount. So, it is directly related. If you are willing to risk more, you might gain more. Now just pay the amount and buy your ticket.

Step-5 Check the Results

The drawings take place at 6:30 in the evening. You can check the results online and find out you won or not. Even if you lost on Monday Special maybe you can win in Midweek. So, do not give up on one loss and keep playing. In the beginning, it is not about winning, it is about the experience.

Ghana Lottery has been around for years. People trust Ghana lottery and enjoy the numerous games offered by it. You can play a new game every day. So why to wait? Experience the joy of Ghana lottery sitting in Nigeria. Play online and think positive about the Ghana Lotto results! Just keep the above-mentioned points and steps in mind and you are prepared to play.

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