Get an English IP Address in 2022: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Have you heard that having an English IP address comes with many benefits? This is indeed the case, especially in terms of online security and bypassing geo-blocks. Therefore, so that the process of English IP address is no longer a mystery to you, we will explain everything to you in this article.

Let’s see in more detail what all this will be able to bring you in the form of profit.

press ? Here are the steps to get an English IP address:

  1. Download a VPN app with servers in the UK. Our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the app on the device of your choice.
  3. Start the application and connect to a server located in England.
  4. After a few seconds, you will be connected to the relevant server and you will have an English IP.

Reasons to get an English IP address

United Kingdom VPN
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This is undeniable: having an English IP address will give you many advantages over the Internet and connected applications. But are you sure you know all about it? You will be able to bypass geo-blocks and access content from the United Kingdom, and that is why many internet users are looking for one.

Indeed, with an English IP address, you will be able to unblock content and services reserved for people who are physically present in the United Kingdom without any worries. You will be able to access the British Netflix catalog (provided you opt for the best VPN that runs Netflix), but also television channels (BBC iPlayer), sporting events, everyday services or even online game servers Too.

But if this advantage is sought by the majority, know that having an English IP address gives you another advantage: anonymous browsing. By replacing your real IP address with one located in the United Kingdom, you will be able to browse anonymously. In fact, the data contained in your IP address will be hidden (such as your location, for example).

Clearly, getting an English IP is excellent whether from the point of view of your online security or for you to have access to it.

Getting an English IP Address: How To Do It?

For those who want an English IP address, rest assured, the process is very simple. This can be done in just a few clicks, thanks to a tool called VPN. This type of software was created to keep you safe online.

To do this, it implements two parallel actions: encryption of your browsing data and the masking of your IP address. And in order to change your IP address, VPNs provide you with impersonated addresses. These can be located anywhere in the world, thanks to the many servers owned by VPN providers.

Thus, to have an English IP address, you will need to equip yourself with a VPN with servers in the United Kingdom. By connecting to these locations, you will virtually change the location (hiding your real IP).

All told, with so many VPNs popping up on the internet, it can be difficult to choose one. That is why we are going to introduce you to the best possible VPN to get an English IP address without any delay: ExpressVPN.

Get an English IP with ExpressVPN

Best VPN of 2022: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is clearly the best software available to keep you safe online. So it should come as no surprise that it is also best to have an English IP address. ExpressVPN goes to great lengths to protect you on the Internet and on connected applications.

The software encrypts your browsing data using the best AES-256 algorithm. Plus, it completely hides your IP address to protect your identity and your location, which is the information contained in the latter.

In order to change your IP address during your browsing sessions, ExpressVPN offers you the possibility to get one in England. This is made possible by ExpressVPN’s extensive server locations around the world. Le VPN has over 3000 of them and they cover over 160 locations in 94 different countries.

Also, note that ExpressVPN allows you to benefit from an English IP address on all of your devices, thanks to its multi-platform applications (including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux). You’ll also be able to take advantage of excellent speeds to browse the Internet in the best of conditions.

It is not the cheapest VPN, but at least by choosing ExpressVPN, you are sure to get what you pay for! Worst case scenario, his subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. He is unconditional.

Convert Your IP Address to an English IP Address: Tutorial

If ExpressVPN has the advantage of allowing you to get an English IP address, then know that it is also very easy to handle. To take advantage of it, all you need to do is subscribe to a VPN service from its official website, then download its application on your various devices.

Once you have the ExpressVPN app, sign in. You can then activate or deactivate the software with a single click in the center of your screen. And having an English IP address, nothing could be easier. Go to the VPN’s server list, then click on a server in the UK.

ExpressVPN will connect you there immediately, and your IP address will be changed after a few seconds. You will then be able to browse online under the covers of this English IP address. So all you have to do is enjoy all the English content you want and complete anonymity.

get english ip address
Proof that with ExpressVPN, it is very easy to get an IP address located in the United Kingdom ©

You will understand that even if you are a total beginner, you will achieve your goals without any difficulty. Also, note that ExpressVPN customer service is available 24/7, if needed. You’ll agree, doing better sounds complicated.


That’s all, if you’ve come here to learn what an English IP address can do for you and how to get one, you know everything.

An English IP address will allow you to access all content from the United Kingdom, even if you are not there. Plus, it will enhance your online security, guaranteeing you anonymous browsing.

And to take advantage of it all, the best software available today is ExpressVPN. Its servers in the United Kingdom will allow you to have an English IP address in just a few clicks. Try it right here, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind:

Try ExpressVPN

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