Germany puts finger on anti-masks in Berlin Tourism Agency ad

Berkeley sent a message of polite publicity to the coronavirus for a more direct reminder of the rule by shaking the birds that would not wear any masks.

As part of a publicity stunt, an advertisement in the German capital’s Senate papers showed an elderly woman presenting her outstretched middle finger on camera, next to the words: “

In a city that prides itself Berliner Snow – Extremely thick-skinned “Berlin Gab” – public service messaging can’t carry ethics from high, says a spokesman for Visit Berlin, the travel agency that created the campaign.

“We wanted to use a language that fits the Berlin character and that refers to a dramatic epidemic situation – and we manage,” a spokesman told the Guardian.

The motif with Angry Pensioners is part of a wider campaign that began in September with typographic posters in German, English, Turkish and Arabic, similarly offhand but with slightly less aggressive slogans such as “Mask On”. Do not turn off the lights. “

In the past, Berlin-based public transport company BVG has won numerous awards for a campaign that accepts rather than apologizes for the image of the capital as the county’s symbolic outlet for spreading itself for efficiency and respect in the county.

A tongue-in-cheek BVG ad lectured passengers that the price of a season-two ticket was absolutely fair because intense training was required to close the door of a bus in the face of the passenger.

Although coming from the city government, the new coronavirus campaign involved a change of tone that did not satisfy every Berliner.

The whole crop of advertising
The full crop of the ad with this message: ‘A finger wag for everyone without a mask.’ Photo: See Berlin
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Angela Merkel’s CDU local leader Kai Wegner has criticized the Senate, which is run by an alliance of Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Greens. “The situation is too serious for a silly joke,” he said.

The general secretary of the center-right Free Democrats said the campaign was “not funny or obsolete, arrogant and offensive.” An independent spokesman said he had been charged with “inciting people”.

The local newspaper Tegespisel said the campaign had already achieved its goal. “In spite of everything, it is easier to understand than the ninth extension of the fifth order,” the newspaper said in its newsletter.

The Berlin visitor said he was not currently planning to use the film again with an angry pensioner.

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