Germany intensifies efforts to replace Russian gas


Germany is stepping up its efforts with gas exporters likely to replace supplies from Russia, Economy Minister Robert Habeck is expected in Qatar on Saturday after a visit to Norway this week.

“I believe that the discussions we have – Norway, USA, Canada, Qatar – will lead to the fact that we can get more liquefied gas towards Europe and Germany,” said Mr. Hebek, on the ARD channel .

“We need more liquefied natural gas, in the short term and temporarily, and we want to deliver it to our own terminals in Germany. On the other hand, we must accelerate the transition from conventional natural gas to green hydrogen”, he said in Qatar. on the eve of their visit to the United Arab Emirates, which will be followed by a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar is one of the three largest exporters of liquefied natural gas (LNG), the resource that European countries rely on to reduce their dependence on Russian gas.

The energy issue is particularly delicate for Germany, whose half of its gas imports come from Russia.

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