Germany, Holland, United Kingdom: Anti-lockdown rebellions across Europe. Video

Kovid: Germany, skirmish over anti-ban protests

Protests and protests in several European cities. From the United Kingdom to Germany to Switzerland, the anti-ban wave has taken to the streets for a return to normal life since this morning. in Germany, in the city of KasselThere were clashes between the police and some people took to the streets to protest against Kovid’s anti-sanctions. Agents used chilli sprays, water cans and even sticks to disperse the crowd. The protesters, who met in the city center, were around 20 thousand, most of them without masks and without respecting the physical distance. Tensions began when a group attempted to build a police cordon. Several demonstrations are planned against sanctions across the country. In the last 24 hours, 16,033 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in Germany, totaling 2,645,783.

Kovid, protest against ban in London: many stops

Hundreds of protesters, mostly without masks, took to the streets as well London As opposed to the lockdown imposed for Kovid-19. As reported BBCSome protesters were stopped by a police advertisement Hyde Park. As the British broadcaster points out, the restrictions currently in force do not provide for demonstrations as a “reasonable reason” to leave home. More than 60 MPs and some organizations have asked Interior Minister Preeti Patel to authorize protests during the lockout.

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