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This morning the first step of a very serious handover: the vote of deputies in the Bundestag. Olaf Scholz was elected by an absolute majority, with 395 votes out of 736 deputies.

After a few photographs and selfies extraordinarily authorized by the President of the Bundestag, long applause addressed to Angela Merkel, the new chancellor and his cabinet left for Bellevue Palace, the federal presidential residence.

Olaf Scholz receives his nomination papers from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

titanic work

Frank-Walter Steinmeier recalls the magnitude of the task that awaits Olaf Scholz and his ministerial team:

“The world is watching our country. Germany’s expectations are high: our credibility as a partner, our respect for international rules, our contribution to democracy and its values โ€‹โ€‹of freedom, for a united Europe, for peace and Our common security. It will take a lot of time and effort from you.”

After 16 years in power, Angela Merkel leaves her place to Olaf Scholz

After 16 years in power, Angela Merkel leaves her place to Olaf Scholz

Last words of former Vice Chancellor

It’s 3 o’clock now. Third place and the final stage of the handover: the chancellor where Angela Merkel awaits. After exchanging bouquets of flowers, the now-ex-Chancellor addressed his successor, during a very simple ceremony, for hygiene measures:

,I am sure you will be ready to work with great inspiration. So I let you take over this house, work within it for the best of our country. This is my wish for you, I wish you all the best.”

new beginning

The chancellor, Olaf Scholz, officially thanked Angela Merkel. A page turns, and the Scholz era may begin:

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,I am deeply indebted to the work you have done with me, and I look forward to the new challenges that await me, to collaborate with everyone who works here. We are ready to give this country a fresh start and I will do everything in my power to make it possible.”

A historic day for Germany that ends without big festivities: in the midst of a health crisis, the new chancellor knows it will not benefit from any gracious position and will have to apply his style quickly.

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