Germans have so far threatened police surveillance

Clouds are gathering far and wide over the Germans: Struggling in elections for eight months before the election, the AfD party is in danger of official placement under police surveillance. The Office of Protection of the German Home Intelligence is due to announce soon whether it will initiate this process against the Alternative for Germany (AfD) formation. Such placements would be marked with a seal of political infamy in the country because in theory it is considered dangerous to be reserved for ultra-radical groups. So the decision is very sensitive eight months before the general election. The AfD, created in 2013, came into force at the National Chamber of Deputies in 2017, and marks the first strength in opposition to conservative and social democracy in power. Angela Merkel’s government is also studying the 1,000-page Intelligence Service report very closely to ensure that such an approach is legally secure. The far-flung party countered by declaring complaints against the police even before the decision was announced. After several months of investigations with all the party-affiliated structures and associations, Intelligence can designate FFD as a “cassette” or go straight to the next step and target the party as a “monitoring case”. is. This gives treatment services full latitude to monitor exchanges within the party, listen to their officers, and even recruit undercover agents or informants. The party has warned that it will challenge any such decision in court. He has already appointed a law firm, which belongs to the former intelligence chief, Hans-George Masen, who was dismissed from his post in 2018 due to his apparent decency to his authority. Less radical leaders of AfD are also trying to organize a counter-attack by displaying a more civilized image. The party recently published a “Declaration”, which is “for all people who have German citizenship”, regardless of their “ethnic and cultural origin, the date of their naturalization or that of their ancestors”. A turning point for a party has so far been associated with Germanic roots. Already under surveillance by police in March 2020, the most radical current of AfD called “The Wing”, then in June at the hands of the movement of a regional federation, Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin. Officials accused his supporters that because of his speech, contributed to the country’s resurgence of remote terrorism, being brought into the number one category after several attacks in recent years. But, despite repeated promises to rid the party of its most radical militants, AfD will continue to engage many militants close to the neo-Nazi movement with its 35,000 members. Before its recent exit, one of its representatives, Andreas Kalabitz, ruled Brandenburg for a long time. However, he continues to weigh internally and challenge his expulsion in court. The AFP was quoted at the University of Berlin as saying that the FFD could be declared a suspect party because of its dominance in the party’s radical wing, whose influence has increased further in recent months. Built eight years ago on the eurosceptic niche, the training has built its success since 2015 by revealing the apprehensions of the population associated with the reception of hundreds of thousands of refugees. But the party is now limited to about 10% in elections, behind the conservative right, the Greens and Social Democrats. AfD fails to capitalize on the economic and social difficulties associated with the epidemic, nor on the anti-mask movement, which is still alive in Germany and which attracts many far-right supporters. Mr Fanney said that amidst endless internal conflicts, the party contented itself with saying that the government was contrary to what it was proposing and was unable to define a clear line. Its former GDR strongholds have also become hotbeds of infection to reduce compliance with sanctions.

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