German voice from “Lady Whistledown”: she’s behind it

The Netflix series “Bridgerton” is on everyone’s tongue right now. It is now considered the most watched Netflix production. Fans just can’t get enough of “Daphne”, “Simon” and Co.

The story of the series is told by “Lady Whistledown”. He is the anonymous editor of a gossip-filled newspaper about London’s high society. But whose voice was with us during the series?

“Bridgerton”: She speaks “Lady Whistledown” in the German version

In the original soundtrack, it is the voice of Hollywood veteran Julie Andrews (85), who guides us through the series “Bridgeton”. In the German version, it is a true TV legend.

The actress has often lent her voice to Julie Andrews – for example in the films “Sudden Princess” (2001) and “Sudden Princess 2” (2004). Which German actress is behind “Lady Whistledown”: You can see it in the video.

Do you know that a character like “Lady Whistledown” actually existed? According to Netflix, the character was not only invented, but loosely based, on a man who lived nearly a hundred years before the events in “Bridgerton”. In 1709, people in Great Britain were able to sustain themselves on all kinds of rumors with the help of The Female Tatler.

Bridgerton;  Reggae-gene page

Nicola Kaflan id Bridgerton ”

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