German Fiona Kolbinger beating over 200 men in the 4,000 km transcontinental race. Cycling

Fiona Kolbinger is the first woman to ever win a transcontinental race. During a very tough bicycle race this year, the participants cycled from Bulgaria to France without any support. The 24-year-old German arrived in Brest this morning for the first time after 2 hours and 48 minutes of cycling. She overtook more than 200 male contestants.

The Heroic Transcontinental Race was in its seventh edition this year. This was her first participation in a competition for Fiona Kolbinger. But it became an instant hit: After a race across Europe, the German cancer researcher was the first of 275 participants to arrive in Brest this morning. (Read more below photo)

The Hero’s journey began 10 days ago, in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, on the Black Sea. There were 275 participants initially, including 40 women. His goal was as clear as it was difficult: to reach a distance of about 4,000 kilometers from Burgas to Brest as fast as possible and with no outside help.

Without any support that means as much as: make your plan. And you can take it very literally: participants must determine their own route, as long as they pass through four checkpoints along the way. The final outpost was not the least, as it was on the famous tour-call Alpe D’Huez.

Participants have to find food on their way and must sleep as a participant when you feel it is necessary. As a result, participants were packed and sunk with mouth supplies, navigation equipment, additional materials, and sleeping equipment.

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Fiona Kolbinger proved to be the biggest finger of the pack in that fight. She is the first woman to win a transcontinental race. Kolbinger is also the first Laureate not to be from Belgium or the United Kingdom. Three of the first four editions were won by Christophe Elegart, a teacher of Kortruzak who was a recent guest in “Vive le Vello”. Eleven fellow countrymen participated this year.

I had already thought that I could compete for the women’s podium, but I never thought I could win the entire race.

Fiona Kolbinger

“I’m very surprised that I won,” said Kolbinger in the first reaction after finishing this morning. “I already thought I could compete for the women’s podium, but I never thought I could win the entire race.” Kolbinger feels that she could have gone even faster and slept less on the road, and was now only an hour after an average of 19 hours a day.

Be it as it may be: Kolbinger had a considerable edge over his first attacker, Britton Ben Davis. For the past few days, she was able to keep him back from 120 to 130 kilometers in a row. But barely sleeping, Kolbinger extended his lead to nearly 200 kilometers last night. Davis finally finished in German, about 6 hours after the breast.

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