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The German air force transferred six patients to intensive care on Friday to deal with the saturation of hospital units, according to the country’s government.

An Airbus A310 of the “Luftwaffe”, specially designed for this type of medical transfer, flew in the afternoon from Bavaria, one of the centers of contamination, to intensive care units in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the same source. flew after.

Transfers of patients between German regions have already been conducted for several days to relieve overloaded installations, but this is the first time that the Air Force has been called in for this type of intervention.

Germany, which passed the threshold of 100,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, on Thursday German Chancellor Angela Merkel estimated “every hour counts” and “additional restrictions are necessary” for a fourth wave of contamination. is affected by.

“The situation is dramatically dire, more serious than at any time during this pandemic.
“, warned, for his part, the health minister, Jens Spahn, begged for “Cancellation of major events and gatherings”.

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