Gerardor 2021: “Host”, a worthy successor to the “Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity”

Shot during the first imprisonment in the United Kingdom, Rob Savage’s second feature film Amaze with his ingenuity and efficiency.

Limited, six friends – five girls and one boy – meet on the Zoom application for a spiritualism session. Basic idea of The host Even if it is in a row, simplicity is a guarantee of success here. in 1999, Project blair witch Popularized the “found footage” (a recording of a video that finds a third person) and supported it with horror. In 2009, paranormal activity Used surveillance cameras as a medium for the supernatural. place to The host, The second feature film by Rob Savage. The 20th edition of the Gerardar festival was presented in a British production competition and the effectiveness of which is not to embarrass their elders.

Screen, a space that increases focus manifold

The trick is well known: the cupboard that opens suddenly, the lightning that suddenly cuts, the door that lowers… but it is in the concept of videoconferencing film that all inventions The host. The audience’s screen becomes a space that multiplies attention by the presence of participants in the conversation. So many windows, realities and possible events. The film also has the ability to be shot during the first lockdown, approximately nine months before its finalization. Kovid-19 also holds a haunting place that has traumatized the world … and especially in the United Kingdom, where more than 100,000 deaths have occurred since the end of January.

From the first minutes, the tone is organized. With strange noises in the closet and against the window panes, there will be tension in the veins of the viewer. An hour of impressive crescendo that is not enough to reduce stress. Sewn landscape with white thread? whatever. The host There is evidence that new endorsements of virtual sociability, whether they are adapted or reserved for commercial use, can be invested by the kind of cinema whose plasticity is none other. Final education, and not least: In place of videoconferencing, no one hears your scream.

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The host Available till Sunday evening, here.

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