Gerard Pique’s candid opinion on the Super League… against his own club

In an interview with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville for The Overlap on YouTube, Gerard Pique said he was opposed to the Super League. A surprising situation when his club, Barca, is still one of three clubs invested in the project.

It was a year ago… Twelve clubs announced the birth of the Champions League, a new European competition against the Super League. A nearly closed European Cup every year brings together the richest clubs of the old continent.

Facing heavy opposition from fans and many players in football, the project quickly fell apart, even though the opposition was more clearly manifested in England than in Spain: “It was very political, with Gerard Pique overlapping with the former.” Explained in an interview for -Red Devil, Gary Neville. In Spain, the media is controlled by some who support the Super League. It is not considered in the United Kingdom. Below, everyone was against it . It’s different here. Today it’s a bit blocky and I don’t think it will go much further.”

“It kills the football a bit”

If the Catalan defender doesn’t believe in the Super League, he doesn’t support it either. A surprising and honest opinion when Barca are one of the three clubs that have not left the project along with Real and Juventus. “In my opinion it destroys football. Big teams will benefit from it but it will destroy clubs like Sevilla, Valencia … This will also be the case for English clubs that have a lot of fans. Five, ten years Because they won’t have any more income. Everyone will focus on the Super League. The teams that aren’t on top won’t play it. It kills football a bit. I can understand the point of view of these big clubs because of them Some, along with their boss, want the club’s value to continue to grow.”

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“I know I’m going against my club but that’s just my opinion”

And Pique continued: “I don’t believe that at Barca or Real, we’ve really explained what could happen. They’re trying to protect their interests who are involved with the Super League but I don’t think That this is the right direction with this opinion, I know I am going against my club but that is just my opinion. I understand the point of view of Barca, Madrid and Juventus but for a fan, it is not the way “

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