Georgian state police tell protesters that it is just kneeling for God

At a weekend rally by the protesters, the black Georgian state union said that there was only one person to shoot the directory, as to why it was not in solidarity with them.

“God,” Officer O’teal Saddler said in a video swap.

Black Lives Matter marchers held a rally in Hartwell, northeast of Athens, when they challenged the police, responding that George Floyd postponed his vacation to help maintain peace in the midst of protests caused by police brutality death. In Minneapolis.

“If I had no respect, [be here]Saddler told protesters.

“I was supposed to be out of town with my wife this weekend. Today, I hit the road this weekend, but I’m here to make sure you are all safe.

“Don’t go there with respect, okay?” The state added soldiers. “I have a lot of respect, but I’m just kneeling for one person.”

When someone said, “And that’s God,” the officer nodded and said, “God.”

Black Floyd, 46, kneeled for nine minutes on May 25, and died in the hands of a white police officer, while three other officers stopped – a shocking incident caught on video and caused global outrage.

Sadler Wrote on Facebook page May 30, “People looking for and commenting on law enforcement officers last night. Let’s be very clear. Protesting right is always wonderful and pleasant.

“But if you think there is justice, stupid looting and acting, even if we are close relatives, please delete me. I have a nice family and close friends to survive.

“Thanks to all men and women, you have to deal with people who think that destroying things is justice. Please know the difference between good bad‍♀️ and bad 👮🏿‍♀️. Please remember that all this made a bad cop, but I think we have forgotten that someone has died. “

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