Georgia Senate candidates raised a record amount of campaign money. abroad

John Osph and Rafael Warnock, the two Democratic candidates for seats in the United States Senate for the state of Georgia, each raised more than $ 100 million for the campaign going into the second round of elections on 5 January.

This makes him one of the most expensive Senate campaigns in US electoral history, the New York Times reported.

Both candidates broke the $ 57 million record set in the state of South Carolina this year by party rival Jaime Harrison. Despite the tens of millions, Harrison lost a lot to sitting-seat senator and supporter of President Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham.

Democrat John Osoff speaks at a campaign rally in Georgia. © AFP

The sitting senators also broke the record

Successive Republican senators in Georgia Kelly Loeffler ($ 64 million) and David Perdue ($ 68 million) also broke records, but are still far behind their rivals. Due to the abundance of funds, voters on radio, television and the Internet are flooded with advertisements from four candidates. Virtually every commercial break in a state of 10.6 million residents is filled with electoral advertising.

In the state, the last two out of a total of 100 Senate seats are at stake, and elections are important because they determine who will win the Senate. Democrats already hold 48 seats and can dominate the Senate with two seats in Georgia. In the event of a tie in the Senate votes, it is the Vice President, in this case Kamala Harris is arrested.

Republicans need senators

One senator is enough to maintain a majority in the Republican Senate. President Donald Trump recently campaigned in Georgia and Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama also went to the state to support Democratic candidates.

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For Democrats, a majority in both houses of Congress is critical to approving Biden’s policies. With a Republican majority, they can thwart the government, but can also prevent the appointments of judges, for example, as happened frequently during Barack Obama’s second term.

Equal in election

Republican and Democratic candidates are also almost in the polls. Biden captured Trump’s state in the presidential election on November 3 by less than 12,000 votes.

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