George Floyd’s death had more impact than MLK assassination

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden on Thursday, Dr. Martin Luther claimed that the assassination of King Jr. in 1968 did not have the same global impact as George Floyd’s recent death to the police.

Speaking at an economic roundtable meeting in Philadelphia, the 77-year-old prospective Democratic candidate said that mobile phones have changed the way people document television’s brutality, as the televisions first introduced the horrors of the civil rights war of the 1960s.

“Dr. Even King’s assassination had no effect on George Floyd’s death worldwide, ”said Biden.

“Everybody’s perspective changed,” said cell phones.

“What happened to George Floyd – how many people are there nationwide, millions of mobile phones. The way everyone looks at it has changed. ” “Look at millions of people walking around the world.”

“Just as they saw firefighting guns, when Bull Connor and his dogs dismantled old black women going to church and smashed the skin of young children, Biden changed the Civil Rights movement better,” said Biden.

George floyd
George floydFamily working paper

The death of 46-year-old Floyd, a white police officer kneeling in the neck for about nine minutes in Minnesota, started mass demonstrations in the US and worldwide.

His death sparked calls for police reform and the removal of Confederate sculptures and pushed the issue of civil rights before the 2020 presidential struggle, Biden called for police reform, but refused the movement within his party to counter the police.

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