George Floyd protests spread across the country

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez.
CNN reporter Omar Jimenez. CNN

The CNN crew was detained early in the morning for protests in Minneapolis.

The situation turned out as follows:

horse 05:09. At local times, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez reported that he was reporting live about an arrest that occurred in the area near a city police department that protesters had burned and officers were abandoned overnight.

A block away, a fire was burning in a different four-storey building with restaurants. He was standing in front of a long police officer in his riot clothes.

Soon after his team caught the camera arrest, police officers asked him and his team to move towards.

Jimenez told the officers that he and his three colleagues were part of the same CNN team and calmly identified themselves with the CNN ID card.

Later, Jimenez said to the officers:

“We can go back to where you want. We can go back to where you want. We are now live.
This is the four of us. We are a team.
Put us back where you want. We’re getting out of the way. Just let us know.
Wherever you want us, we will go. We were on your way as you proceeded at the intersection. Let us know and we have you. “

horse 05:11Two officers in riot equipment came to Jimenez and said, “You are under arrest.”

Jimenez calmly asked why he was arrested.

“Why am I imprisoned, sir?”

He was then handcuffed and taken away by the police while the camera continued to move.

Soon after, CNN photojournalist Leonel Mendez with Jimenez said he and the rest of the crew were also arrested.

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Then the camera detained Jimenez ‘producer, Bill Kirkos, handcuffed.

Shortly after that, the still moving camera was taken from the crew.

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