George Floyd protesters saved the truck driver to them

The state governor said on Monday that a truck driver stealing Minnesota protesters because of George Floyd’s death prevented most of the marchers from beating him.

Governor Tim Walz and other government officials stated that truck driver Bogdan Vechirko did not want to mow people.

And “the driver later stated that, after being told he didn’t kill anyone, the crowd, the vast majority were protecting him,” Walz said. “The protesters were protecting the driver they saw as they got into the crowd because they realized how dangerous the situation was.”

While the governor was discussing the incident, he referred to the famous 1991 case involving LA driver Rodney King, who was dragged by the police and severely beaten.

“Minneapolis and St. Peaceful protesters in Paul kept this [trucker]Even after seeing what was appearing at that time, an attempt to kill them, ”Walz said from the incident in Minnesota on Sunday.

The protests erupted in Minnesota, across the US, including New York City, and beyond Floyd’s death.

A 46-year-old black died after a white Minnesota police kneeled for about 9 minutes, and there was supposed to be a routine arrest on a fake 20 dollar bill – a terrible incident caught in video footage.

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