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Nintendo Switch It is an ideal console for local co-op play, but its small screen is certainly not the best solution. To solve this problem, Human Things created Jenky Shadowcast A small dongle that allows you Use a laptop as a screen Console with the help of USB-C cable only.

Genki Shadowcast connects directlyHDMI input in Nintendo Switch Dock (Hence cannot be used with a switch light). Then connect the dongle to the laptop USB-C cable You can use its screen to play console games. This device accepts input signals up to 4K, but output can only be 1920 x 1080 a 30 fps Harassment 1270 x 720 a 60 fps.

Jenky Shadowcast can actually happen Also used with PS5, But given the range of resolution and frame-rate, it is not as interesting. Also, don’t forget that anyone who wants to play with a fixed console like Sony’s will definitely have a screen to use and hardly a desire to carry around the console.

The Switch, on the other hand, is a (also) portable console, so the possibility of using it in combination with a laptop is not to be ignored at all. Only belongs to the border Delay: The signal comes a bit late, so it is not a good option for those who want to play competitive games online. However, if you are a more “casual” user, you might consider the Genki Shadowcast an interesting option, given that it is only a cost 35 dollars (Price of first 1,000 units).

At the moment, Human Things is raising funds on Kickstarter: it has reached 319,000 euros as compared to 24,614 euros initially requested, so the project will be successful.

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Finally, we point out that a leak shows how the Nintendo Switch was originally supposed to be.

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