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Wave The pandemic is affecting the whole of Europe, whose measures are piling up day by day. Denmark announced the closure of its cinemas, cinemas and concert halls on Friday, 17 December. 93,000 cases have been detected in the UK in the last 24 hours and the Omicron variant has been projected as the new enemy in Germany.

Friday December 17 at St Pancras Station, London (United Kingdom), Thousands of passengers line up to catch the Eurostar. Travel restrictions between France and Britain went into effect from midnight this Friday evening. Despite the military’s reinforcement of the vaccination campaign, the United Kingdom continues to break records of contamination every day, with 93,000 cases in the past 24 hours. The figures in Germany for the time being are not catastrophic, but vaccination for children is still open. Officials expect the next few weeks to be extremely difficult.

The fever that has taken over Europe has very tangible consequences, especially on the border between France and Italy. Since Thursday 16, Italy has imposed a negative PCR test on anyone, even vaccinated, who wants to visit the country. These new restrictions are not good for business for Italian traders. ,It kills business, we didn’t work like other years. look, everything is closed“Sorry, a shopkeeper.

Therefore the turn of the screw is generalized from the south to the north of Europe. A week ago, Denmark took the first step, for example by encouraging telecommunications. No success: Cases doubled in eight days. On Friday, December 17, the government announced new restrictions. The list of European countries opting for health restrictions could grow even more in the coming days.

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