Gendarmerie announces Gerald Darminin to reinforce two helicopters and Frontex aircraft from Civil Defense

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How to prevent the worst? NSFour days after a deadly shipwreck between France and the United Kingdom that killed at least 27 people, the Interior Minister, Gerald Darminin, held a press conference on Monday, 29 November. Decisions taken by Emmanuel Macron at the Defense and National Security Council on Monday morning. He specifically announced strength of “Means of dealing with smugglers”, with doubling of Ocriest staff (lCentral Office for the Suppression of Irregular Immigration and the Employment of Untitled Foreigners), with seven regional branches.

The Frontex aircraft, which will be able to fly day and night over the Belgian and French coasts, will be reinforced by civil defense and two helicopters from the gendarmerie, the minister also announced. Follow us live.

No question on touquet agreements. “There will be no question of touquet agreements” car “They are not related to illegal immigration of small boats”, Estimated Gerald Darmin. This agreement Done in 2003 to turn the page on the corresponding center, determine that Persons departing for the United Kingdom should be screened when trains and ships depart from France, and vice versa.

France demands a deal between Britain and the European Union. “What we need is an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom”, The home minister said. this one “There can’t be a simple unilateral read-only agreement”, she added. It is necessary “Find ways to reopen legal channels for immigration to the UK”also confirmed Gerald Darmin who refuses to accept the “practice of reentry at sea”. Prime Minister Jean Castex will write to his British counterpart Boris Johnson to offer him a deal.

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An emergency European meeting in Calais on Sunday. French, German, Dutch and Belgian immigration officials, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs and the directors of the European criminal police agencies Europol and Frontex Borders were brought together. They passed “Reaffirmed our commitment to do everything possible to fight more effectively against criminal networks of traffickers” and recognize the need “To improve joint cooperation with the United Kingdom”,

Javier Bertrand proposed letting migrants “take the ferry”. Les République primaries candidate for the presidential election Javier Bertrand proposed to Franceinfo on Monday “Let it happen” migrants “take the ferry” towards the United Kingdom and install a “balance of power” With Prime Minister Boris Johnson. an idea “irresponsible”, according to François Bairu, High Commissioner for Planning, President of Modem and Mayor of Pau.

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