Geekbench to ban smartphones, brand tampered with benchmarks

Xiaomi 12 Pro and 12X will soon disappear from Geekbench benchmarks. According to the forum, the Chinese company manipulates the performance of its smartphones to improve its score.

Xiaomi 12 Pro
credit: xiaomi

According to our colleagues at Android Police, the well-known benchmarking platform Geekbench, is about Eliminate two recent smartphones designed by Xiaomi : Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X. Looking at the benchmark results of both the phones, media found that the SoC offered better performance when benchmarking or gaming applications were open.

In contrast, other applications are banned by the Chinese manufacturer. According to the media, Xiaomi has developed several performance profiles, which are activated depending on the application launched. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which powers the 12 Pro, is significantly less powerful when it comes to gaming applications (including the GenShine Impact) or not launching benchmarking.

Xiaomi accused of rigging benchmarks like Samsung

When applications such as Chrome or Netflix are actively used by the smartphone, the recorded performance is 50% down, The results are also different on the Xiaomi 12X, which is content with the Snapdragon 888. However, the performance difference is less marked.

alerted by the media, Geekbench promises to remove both smartphones from its database by the end of the week. “It is disappointing to see another device manufacturer misleading consumers by downplaying app performance but not benchmarking performance. We are investigating which Xiaomi phones have been affected and we will remove the device.Geekbench explains in a press release.

These are not the only Xiaomi smartphones to apparently manipulate the benchmarks. According to the findings of FGeekbench founder and president, John PooleXiaomi Mi 11 has also been affected. “Xiaomi also seems to be making performance decisions based on identified apps”John Poole says on his Twitter account.

To prove his point, he published two smartphone benchmarks. “Here are the results of the Xiaomi Mi 11 running Geekbench and running Geekbench as Fortnite. The single-core score is 30% lower in the Fortnite version and 15% lower the multi-core score”, underlines the developer. In this case, Xiaomi only highlights the chipset performance when a benchmarking app is open.

Note that Samsung has also been accused of manipulation in recent weeks. Mirroring Xiaomi, the South Korean giant has integrated a software solution that is capable of Clamp or unclamp performance depending on open applications on their smartphone. The brand then promised to deploy a fix.

Source: Android Police

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